Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Great Debate

What to wear on those cold and rainy winter days? I myself have not a clue. Thus I've turned to you blogger, will someone please, pretty please send along some inspiration and wisdom. Word to the wise, if I come across another North Face fleece I might lose it!! Yes, I understand functionality overwhelming decides what we wear from day to day, and those jackets are mighty darn comfy but people...please! If you're not snuggled up on the couch or in the campus library leave it alone. Must we all dress the same? Do we not have an original bone left in our bodies any longer? Some one please show me they have some semblance of personal style left in them when it comes to fighting the winter chills! and for that matter since I've decided to bare my cross on conformity versus's non-conformity, I'm at a loss for what to do regarding rain boots. Boy do I love me a pair of Hunters, couldn't be cuter, loooove that they've been around for ages and ages. But are they the North Face of rain boots? You see my dilemma. Looking forward to any and every comment to come!