Thursday, April 28, 2011

Harry, Scary


All joking aside, I am very excited to watch this modern day fairy tale take center stage in a few short hours. Soon to be Princess Kate is so naturally beautiful, girl just seems to have it ALL and then some! I've shed tears watching the countless specials being broadcast nonstop, I'm sure tomorrow will be no different. Is anyone else planning on watching? I've heard stories of girls having watch parties! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Forget 2012, Toemageddon is Upon Us!

Confession- once upon a time I use to read Perez religiously.  I've since backed off and frequent the site now only occasionally. But, when I do make time to read Perez I always check out whats going on with his sister site, cocoperez. Similar concept except less rumors and gossip, more she/he wore this content. So, when I came across this post, featuring queen Jenna, I my curiosity got the best of me. For those of you who are not already in the know on this HUGE gigantic news worthy topic (can you sense the sarcasm).... apparently a J.Crew mailer came out last week featuring Jenna and her 5 year old son. Except his toe nails were painted pink. Ohhh the outrage! Can you believe it?! Come on people, get over it. Stop analyzing every little thing and trying to make everything some sort of a political statement.

This John Stewart clip summarizes the entire incident perfectly in my opinion. It's a bit long, almost 6 minuets, but well worth it, and as always Jon brings the laughs by the bucket load.

P.S what about those Trident commercials where the big sister puts make up on the little brother, and then when mom asks what are you guys doing she responds brushing our teeth. Why hasn't this ad caused as much outrage?

Just my two cents. Does anyone agree with me, or maybe you think the pink polish was in poor taste? Whatever your opinion I'd love to hear your side!

Wise Words

I have a strong admiration for all things that embody Americana, needless to say I like Mark Twain a lot, a lot. I think this quote is wonderful. Im a worry wart- personally, this helps me worry less and smile more, and smiles are always a welcomed thing. Image via Tumblir. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Music Music Mondays

     Today culminated in a spontaneous trip to Target. Oh Target how I love thee. First a quick review of todays treasures. 1) A gorgeous gorgeous blue/navy blue paisley print bandeau bikini... it gets even better , the combined price for both top and bottom... $25 + tax. Score! 2) Blue and white thick vertical striped beach/pool towel. Price? $6.99 Definitely taking this baby in to get embroidered. Kelly green? Yellow? Orange? Can't decide. Scratch the orange... NEVER NEVER EVER will I sport gaytor colors! 3) and 4) Adele's CD 21 and the Mumford and Sons CD Sigh No More. Oh music to my ears, literally! So much for a quick run down, could have left the tangent on school spirit out I suppose. But lets talk music.

     I've read numerous posts from some of my favorite blogs (thelovelist, I'm talking about you here baby!) about these two artist recently, and they constantly receive rave reviews. Plus, through in one stellar Grammy performance and I'm game. So true to form I tip my hat to them as everyone before me has. Such a welcome change from whats on the radio these days. Honest, and pure, talent. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a little Ke$ha every now and then, but, primarily because I once read that she aced her SAT! Can you imagine? A 1600, coming from that girl! Just goes to show you, can't judge a book by its cover.  What else is everyone listening to these days? I would love to hear suggestions, recommendations, and things to stay far far away from, or of course you could tell me all about the  fabulous items you've recently brought home!

P.S.- I searched high and low, unfortunately strikes out today because they seem to only have every other beach towel and bathing suit they carry in store listed except mine!! Err, go figure! Minus 1 for your target! I expected more out of you.