Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lizard King

    That just might be a reference to Mr. Hendrix, I also may or may not have a father who lived through WoodStock... or I could just be referring to my four legged daughter. I've had a few of these pictures sitting in my phone gallery for nearly a year. It's time I share them.

This was the day I brought the baby home.  My roommate has small child like size 5 feet. Little Liz fit in her rainboot with room to spare. I wish I had more puppy pictures, sad face.

We've gone through several exploratory phases, pulling the toilet paper as far as we can ranks right up there with jumping into the bath tub, water or no water. My lizard is a spunky one, that's for sure.

This last one is more recent.

We may be little but that doesn't stop us from enjoying toys of all sizes. Yes, Elizabeth somehow is able to sink her teeth into full size tennis balls. She looks like a stuffed pig when she carries it around. (mental image: pig with apple in mouth on table at royal feast)

I have been studying the traits and dispositions of the "lower animals" (so called) and contrasting them with the traits and dispositions of man.  I find the result humiliating to me.  
Mark Twain, Letters from the Earth, 1907

Calypso Crazy

      Perhaps you've heard... Calypso St. Barth just did a fabulous collection for Target. I grabbed a few pieces for myself. But wait it gets better, currently the designer is having a summer sample sale- meaning you can get gorgeous items from their website for more than 50% off!! Take for example this beautiful dress...

Same dress different color combinations. 
Original Price: $295, Sample Sale Price: $114
And that my friends is a sale worth sampling! 

Tell me, any other sales out there I need to know about? I know I'm not the only one who LOOOVES a good deal/steal! Hope everyone has a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend for themselves. P.S I'm suppose to be studying right now...not happening. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This is Not a Moist Towelette

     It's nearly midnight of course now is not only the correct time to be searching and drooling over beach towels but blogging about it as well. Okay in a dream world I'd stock the pool house/cabana (dream world, remember?) full of these Hermes beauties.

Exhibit 1.

     Unfortunately this is not my fantasy world and there is no rationalizing a $530 ( yes, you read that right. 5 100 dollar bills + 3 10 dollar bills) beach towel. None what so ever. I've tried thinking of a million excuses. I live in Florida, I'll use it a lot. Nope.  I have however convinced myself that a $65 beach towel is far more posable and yet still a luxury.  Because we all know Targets got plenty of towels to take home for $12.99. Behold my newest obsession.

Exhibit 2.
     These Chance Co. towels are too fun, seriously, who doesn't love a little printed attitude, RESERVED. How's that for a message? and SPF 10,000? Really, I'm in love with a beach towel, and because I had to know, La Piscine means the pool... in french, how chic.  Yep, you sure did guess it, La Plage means the beach in french, things just sound infinitely cooler in french. And now that it is well past midnight I am off to sleep. This post originated after seeing this on matchbook. I couldn't stop looking at the pictures. P.S good thing I looked over the original post, we almost just had two posts on the same subject with the same title. no bueno. Is there anything you're coveting this summer? Towels? A Panama hat? New swimsuits? Tell me and tell me all of it. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fathers Day Find

     Father's Day is coming up and yesterday I found the perfect card. It's no surprise I'm an etsy fan. Remember this post? Well it's happened again. I found something I had to have.  Enter the beautiful shop of Wit and Whistle

     I know the fam. will get a kick out of it, especially because we have an on going joke that goes something like this...

For yeeeears and yeeeears I'd ask my parents who they loved more, It was incomprehensible to me that like they always said, they loved my sister and I equal. I even took it so far as to state that I know you've loved me longer, since of course, I'm older. Once I told them (at age 4) that the years before my sissy arrived were the "best four years of my life".  It's okay though I can proudly say that today 17 years after her arrival I've accepted her as part of our family. Just kidding, I accepted the fact that she was staying somewhere around year 10. Needless to say I love my sis and my whole family for that matter.  

     Now I just need to pick out a gift. What are you getting your dads? Golf clubs? Grilling things? Boy toys? Spill.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paradise Preview

I need to stop coming up with these title alliterations, their getting cornier and cornier.

With that being said. I'm a bubble bath girl, so much so that bubbles or not I'd still take a bath over a shower any day. Nothing and I mean nothing beats relaxing in the tub after a looooong day. Siting and soaking some how seems to make the world and all your troubles fade away.

With out further ado, and in honor of my favorite hygiene ritual: Bathrooms that will make the staunchest shower lover weak in the knees.  

Welcome to my lake house, do you need to shower after a day out doors?
I've got the perfect place for you to do so.

Claw foot tub- check, Wide plank floors- check,
Make shift ladder for storrage- check. 

Okay pretend daughter it's bath time then bed

Um, hello? Grown up heavenly bathroom of my dreams?
 I've found you.

There you have it, a peak into my crazy make believe bath obsessed brain.
Images found off pinterest.  

Better in Blue

1. 2.


      Todays post started out as another Heat inspiration outfit, which led to too many sites and too many choices. Before I knew it these beauties are what I had my eyes on. So much for team spirit. I have these awesome shoes in kelly green. I love them very much. The earrings, however, I do not currently own and at almost 200 buck-a-roo's they're slightly expensive. Maybe I can sneak my mom's credit card when she's not looking. Just kidding I would never do that. Actually, in all truth, I have it written down and stored on my computer for "emergencies". The green version of these where indeed an emergency. Did I really just confess to that? Yikes.
    Also, Please ignore the first 1. and 2. inside my pretty picture box as those were the original links which now don't work due to multiple edits on my little computer. One day I'll have this down to the science that it is.

     Hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend and continues to enjoy the few hours that are left of it. Confession numero dos of the day, this is my last semester at school, final 11 credit hours. Schedule equals class on Tuesdays and Thursday only. I have four day weekends every week, please don't hate me.