Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moving Mayhem

     Days until I have to hand over the key to my apartment... 2.5. Number of boxes I have packed... 3.  Years I've spent here... 2. Thats 730 days, 4 full semesters, 2 football seasons, and a few cars. While here I've raised one rambunctious puppy who is now a year and a half old, painted 4 pieces of furniture, and decorated for nearly every holiday there is. Lots of memories in this here house, and I will certainly miss calling it home. But what I will take away from it most is the friends I've made. The complete stranger roommates whom I took a chance on and moved in with. Over the course of the past two years they have warmed their way into my heart and I am forever thankful for that.

     Okay this post is starting to get a little bit to sappy. I've got boxes to pack still people! What kind of mover and shaker are you? Sappy and sentimental? Gun's a blaze ready for what's to come? Or maybe you prefer to close your eyes, hire a moving company, and let the men work.  What ever your style is I think we can all agree on one thing, moving is stressful. So much so that I think I could use some ice cream to help me distress.

        Oh and because it's was so hard to pick my favorite football promo clip here are a few more for good measure. Enjoy! Is it weird that I get super giddy and excited watching these? Nope, I'm just a diehard fan after all.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Savannah Summer

     There I go again with those wonderful title alliterations. I've never been a frequent poster but lately Bloggers really taken a back seat. I so sorry to all my avid readers, hehehe wait, I'm pretty much my only reader. But I digress... Summers been all to short. Really can you believe it's almost over? I was in walmart the other day and they already had school supply list out! CRAAAZY.

      I had a birthday this month, it was stressful. Between school ending, having to pack up and move back home, and this overwhelming feeling of having to have my life all figured out I wasn't really in the celebrating mood. AT ALL.  This is what I felt like, no joke.

      Despite all this, my mom drove up to visit me for the weekend and we took a road trip to Savannah. It was beyond beautiful. Since moving to Tallahassee four years ago I've slowly but surely fallen in love with the south, red clay hills, magnolias and live oaks, moss, football, and sweet tea. Savannah just solidified my love for life in the south. We drove up on Saturday morning, stopping for breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe, if you have one in your area and have yet to go, do it. Everything, and I repeat everything is delish! 

      We stayed at The Gastonian, charming doesn't even begin to describe it. For starters how about breakfast made in house every morning, wine, teas, and hors d'oeuvres in the afternoon, and dessert in the evening. This wouldn't have been the weekend to start a diet. The room we stayed in had exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and a claw foot tub. Heaven? Yep. Basically the entire weekend was wonderful, hands down our favorite meal was at Circa 1875. Have you heard about the arm party trend? Well this was a party in my mouth. Pictures to follow if my mom can figure out how to send them to me. We've already tried once, I received 35 thumbnail sized images. Awesome. 

       Anyone else making last minute vacation plans or celebrating a birthday? Hope everyone's able to enjoy the last few weeks of summer! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Justice and the American Way

     We all have our opinions of todays verdict, for the sake of not delving into a semi-political rant I'll leave it at this...

 "Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere". MLK

Friday, July 1, 2011

Equal and Equality

     With the fourth just around the corner I couldn't help but start doing a little recon work for an aptly themed post. Which then of course brought me to focusing on more than just red, white, and blue. So for a moment lets think about all we have to be thankful for as a nation.

And because a post about patriotism surely is not complete without an honest Abe appearance, take it away wise one...

      Homefront update: tube of mascara fell to the floor sometime during the day, Elizabeth found it. It didn't stand a chance. On the upside she managed to color in a few of her grays. What has your little one (2 or 4 legs) destroyed recently? Anyone else check this website? It's good for a few laughs.