Monday, August 29, 2011

Net-a-Porter at Night

Have you heard of Venessa Arizaga? I hadn't until 20 minutes ago. Thank god for Net-a-Porter and insomnia. She's described the collection as psychedelic beauty, and that it certainly is. Have a look at two of my favorite pieces.

wait for it... ....the close up.

Verdict? They're fun and delicious in a non-edible way (duh)... I would definitely want to be rocking either and or both of these pieces on El Dia de los Mortes aka Day of the Dead. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Graduation Confirmation

       You see there's this little stipulation that for required classes you have to earn a C- or better in order to receive credit for completing the class. I was a little worried about cutting it close, thank you very much Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. This would have left me with no diploma and having to deal with one large headache as to how I'd fix/correct the situation. Turns out I'm in the clear and it's official, I've graduated!

Thanks for everything Tallahassee!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blogging Business

      I've been contemplating ordering a blog template for awhile. Welllll, today I did it. It's coming courtesy of one of my favorite bloggers! Can not wait to debut the new look.  Here's a peek at her work, can you guess which one I choose?

P.S my five favorite blogs in no particular order:
Young House Love
The Love List
Sheridan French
Breakfast at Toast
A Cup of Jo

Image via pinteres

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hair Play, Fare Play

     Okay, I'm a wee bit behind the wheel on this first one.. feathers. They. are. everywhere. At first I wasn't so sure. Then I noticed them everywhere and really really wasn't so sure. Now I'm kind of indifferent. I like the look and the idea behind it. The execution however often leaves much to be desired. Maybe it's because some girls are getting their feathers on the cheap cheap, but really, if you are considering a DIY version made from craft feathers via Michaels, DONT do it. It's not a good look no matter how many times you tell yourself otherwise.

     Feathers done appropriately and styled correctly however are another story. I'm hooked. In fact if I had just a little bit more boho/hippie dippie/ free spiritedness in me I'd already be feathered out. These pictures are perfect examples of exactly how to look like a rockstar while following the trend.

Call me crazy but I almost see an Olsen twin here. Full shot image includes over sized bag, clothes, multiple scarves, a venti coffee, and sunglasses. 
Trendy feathers looking chic in an up do? I think so! Sorry no celebrity resemblance here to report on.

      If that wasn't enough, have you heard about tie dying the tips of your hair? It's wonderful and fun and fearless when done correctly. And you see these rare cases of beautifully colored ends invoke legitimate hair envy on my part. Because true story my friends, I'm a brunette. Not much color can be added to all this brown. Correction- not much color can be successfully and/or tastefully added. 

Exhibit Number One: This is why I will not be adding color to my hair.  Let it be known that any resemblance to a Jersey Shore cast member is never a good thing.  Ever. 

Exhibit Number Two: This is why if you are blessed with golden locks you should add color to them immediately. P.S is there anything Lauren Conrad can't do successfully? Oh, the MTV paradox. 

     So that's it guys, how's your hair looking these days? Have you tried any of these new looks? Maybe you dabbled in the ombre trend? What does your hair care plan consist of?  Sticking to easy low maintenance routines, air dry, brush optional? That's my deal most days! Spill please so we can talk about it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Fortune

      Incase you haven't noticed... it is August...ALREADY! Gahhh. How'd it happen? Can someone please explain how and why time goes by so very quickly. Really, I would very much like an explanation! Here's what is on my mind as of late. You know with graduation and what to do with THE RESTTTT of my life looming ahead.

      Do you work well under pressure? Or maybe it stresses you the heck out? Generally I like working under pressure. You know, like waiting until the last minute to begin studying. But lately, it's not working for me, hehehe, both figuratively and literally. Well those are my thoughts and questions. 

Here's to August and the rest of sweet summer!