Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Beginning

How ominous... however i promise beautiful things to come. Furthermore, I promise to write everyday. Just warning though... it might not always be long, nor witty, nor grammatically correct; much like life itself. ahhh the analogies have began! this is going to be fun. what i want to get out of this is... truthfully i'm not exactly sure. I would like to be more sure of my future a year from now, and I believe that metaphorically, staring at it via my mac screen will help get me there. I want this to be a journey about growth.
on a side note, i am beginning to feel very pressured to join the adult world. and without yet a college degree, plan for grad school, career opportunities, or enough money in the bank to sit comfortably i am in full fledge panic mode. help i'm stressing. with that being said i know enough to know that if i want something it is up to me to achieve it . I'm getting antsy with school and yet part of me wishes i could stay forever.
its possibile you know, i have witnessed first hand the 27,28 year old's who refuse to leave behind the collegiate life. They live in filth, drink more alcohol in a day than most do in a week, and barely remember their own names most nights let alone who they slept with last.
on second thought i'd rather not stay here that long. i do have goals and dreams besides an awesome tan, and enviable default pictures.
also, it was rather presumptuous of me to assume i could produce and create beauty.
none the less im tired, seeing as how its after 1:00am! yikes
leave you with this beauty. and that i say with the utmost confidence.
greek proverb - "From a thorn a rose emerges and from a rose a thorn."

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