Monday, May 2, 2011

Pretty Pencils

     Alright ladies and gentlemen time to get rid of all those unsightly plastic (read, not earth friendly) mechanical pencils. Today I found an answer to all our written word needs. Drum roll pleaseeeee, welcome the wonderful company that is Paper Pastries. They have a fabulous etsy shop, where I ordered my babies from and an even more fabulous  blog featuring a larger selection of all their products. So what am I eagerly awaiting to show up in my mailbox you ask? These babies,
      How ridiculously fun are these pencils?! Maybe it's the geek in me but I really am super excited about these.  I've got one more semester left at school and I plan to use them ALOT! Here are a few other fun options. Planning ahead for Valentines Day 2012? Got a friend that's a pro in the kitchen? These will be just what you've been looking for. 
Did anyone out there already know about this super fun/creative company? Hope I'm not the last to find out! P.S looks like recently their kitchen themed pencil set has been featured in House Beautiful and a few other large scale magazines. How exciting for them! Are there more small businesses out there like this I'm missing out on? Please share. 

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  1. These are hilarious! They'd totally make my day if I had them. I may have to invest haha great find :)