Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome to Miami, ami, ami

     I've been sitting here for a good hour or so looking around for something I loved, and hey, hi, hello, just like that two little lovely images grabbed my attention. Correction, 1 image, 1 quote. 

"Love of beauty is Taste. 
The creation of beauty is Art."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
     Lately I've seen good old Ralph's name popping up everywhere next to quotes I admire. Note to self to look more into that. Second piece of beauty came from the same source, a blog I've recently become familiar with, Sanity Fair

     And now for our second task of the day, blue, teal, torquise, oh heavenly azule... such a wonderful color. How could i possibly ignore this gathering of all things blue, bold, and beautiful? Impossible I say!!! And then like a brick falling from the heavens it hit me, the MIAMI sign. Love at first sight. I generally renounce all things to do with my Floridian heritage (ugh, yuck, I hate it) see even now I'm grimacing and thinking to myself why couldn't I have been raised somewhere wonderfully sophisticated like New England? Where the leaves change colors and many a great american lived. Oh well, whats done is done.  Might as well embrace what we've got.  Tadaaaaa!!! 

The pillow, and chair I'm less than crazy about. However, the entire bottom row is just gorgeous, I could stair at each piece separately for hours on end. Anyone else find inspiration in an unlikely source? Please tell!

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