Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jewelry Jones'n

I'm typically not one to get all dolled up often but when the time comes who doesn't love something beautiful to accessorize with? Here's a few pieces that caught my attention from Gilt's Kenneth Jay Lane sale that started yesterday. Unfortunately I was hardly the only person to notice how fabulous they are, as all piece are now sold out at the discounted price. (sad face, bummer) Oh well. It still makes me smile looking at them.

Behold the beauty...  
Side note: It's funny because I honestly wear the SAME EXACT earrings every day. A pair of diamond studs pasted on to me from my darling mommy as a gift for high school graduation. The only time I take them off is to clean them, and less frequently than one's suppose to at that. Looks like I'm ready for a new pair of big girl earrings!

Sooo pretty a hint of old hollywood glam,
 and miami art decoall in one, perfection!
Totally could have seen these babies being
used on the SATC 2 set.

These belong on a Greek goddess or an Indian

More art deco wonderfulness! Imagen with just
a simple white or grey tee jeans? Fabulous.
Love the contrasting color in these puppies.
one word: gorgeous! 

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