Monday, March 28, 2011

Announcement, Announcement

     Some of my very favorite blogs share a few things in common. One of these things being a personal element, you know, things like family happenings, babies, dogs anything that could be categorized as warm and mushy.  So today I announce the introduction of my four legged +1. Her name is Elizabeth Grace. She is roughly 5 1/2 lbs. Do not let her small stature fool you, she is one tough cookie. She can hang with the big guys like its nobodies business. Literally! My amazing roommates have a 60 lb pit bull. Lizzy isn't phased. She'll jump in her big sisters mouth and bite her cheeks without a care in the world. Sometimes I call her Lizzard, she is a world class lizzard hunter. Our housekeeper at home associates names with famous people and thus has taken to calling her Elizabeth Taylor or just Taylor. I am positive she has never watched an episode of SATC in her life, unless of course they've recently starting playing a translated version on Telemundo. Fate. Liz is my cuddle buddy when no one else is there.  Coming soon, some of our adventures in puppy land, because with this little one and her large and in charge sis it's never a dull moment.
oh I love my lizzard sooooo much, she can always make me smile. 


  1. I love the second photo. I am dreaming of having a puppy of my own. Looks like you have a great one :)

  2. CUTIE!!!
    Oh, I have a little one too and she makes me super happy. I have to make sure she dose not take over my blog at times. She takes better pixs than I do!!! Ha!

  3. Ladies forgive me for neglecting to respond sooner. I dont offer check my comments I figure few if any people ever stumble upon these here pages. But, turns out I was wrong! Oh how wonderful! And Ms Pistachio guess what? I've got more Lizzie stories to come. for starters last week I went to fill a bubble bath for myself. Upon returning to the bathroom I found her IN the tub water up to her chiny chin chin! details later, except to say I nearly died with laughter!

  4. often* obviously not offer. duh. My excitement over took and clearly I forgot to proof read.