Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Graduation is right around the corner. Dear Lord, I never thought I'd see the day! So, naturally an occasion as significant as this deserves a proper celebration. Hold the party, mom and dad. However, I will gladly accept any and all gifts marked to culminate the joyous day!  Needless to say I've started a wish list with pro's and con's for each. Maybe you all would like to help me decide? Although my parents are very kind and generous to me, there is ZERO chance I'll be receiving everything my heart desires. Realistically, I'm looking at one present. (blah blah blah recession, no truly I'd be grateful to receive anything let alone one of my slightly ludicrous picks. Thus I MUST pick the perfect one!

The contenders: DSLR Cannon or Nikon Camera, Cartier LOVE bracelet, two-tone women's slim Rolex, any other suggestions out there? Just to set the record straight love bracelet and rolex would be as I like to call "vintage". Sounds so much more chic than used! Pictures and pro and con break downs to follow. It's spring break people I should be outside in the sun!

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