Sunday, June 5, 2011

Better in Blue

1. 2.


      Todays post started out as another Heat inspiration outfit, which led to too many sites and too many choices. Before I knew it these beauties are what I had my eyes on. So much for team spirit. I have these awesome shoes in kelly green. I love them very much. The earrings, however, I do not currently own and at almost 200 buck-a-roo's they're slightly expensive. Maybe I can sneak my mom's credit card when she's not looking. Just kidding I would never do that. Actually, in all truth, I have it written down and stored on my computer for "emergencies". The green version of these where indeed an emergency. Did I really just confess to that? Yikes.
    Also, Please ignore the first 1. and 2. inside my pretty picture box as those were the original links which now don't work due to multiple edits on my little computer. One day I'll have this down to the science that it is.

     Hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend and continues to enjoy the few hours that are left of it. Confession numero dos of the day, this is my last semester at school, final 11 credit hours. Schedule equals class on Tuesdays and Thursday only. I have four day weekends every week, please don't hate me.  


  1. Hahaha! You are too funny! I do love the earrings and shoes even if you dont know where they came from :)

  2. There both from Kate Spade!! Totally forget to mention that in the post, thanks for asking!

  3. they're* my elementary school grammar teacher would be so proud of me.