Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paradise Preview

I need to stop coming up with these title alliterations, their getting cornier and cornier.

With that being said. I'm a bubble bath girl, so much so that bubbles or not I'd still take a bath over a shower any day. Nothing and I mean nothing beats relaxing in the tub after a looooong day. Siting and soaking some how seems to make the world and all your troubles fade away.

With out further ado, and in honor of my favorite hygiene ritual: Bathrooms that will make the staunchest shower lover weak in the knees.  

Welcome to my lake house, do you need to shower after a day out doors?
I've got the perfect place for you to do so.

Claw foot tub- check, Wide plank floors- check,
Make shift ladder for storrage- check. 

Okay pretend daughter it's bath time then bed

Um, hello? Grown up heavenly bathroom of my dreams?
 I've found you.

There you have it, a peak into my crazy make believe bath obsessed brain.
Images found off pinterest.  


  1. That first tub is perfection. And the giant mirror in the last photo -- stunning! Want to hear something very very sad? I don't have a tub in my apt. Depressing...isn't it?

    breakfast at toast.

  2. Oh no, that is a big problem. P.S thanks so much for the comment, seriously!

  3. Manolo Barknik. GENIUS. That may beat Buddy's toy! There was a Dog Julio too. :)

    I need to find someone in Chi. I actually don't like how this guy did my hair AT ALL and he's not my usual guy in LA. So...I am on the hunt. + yes. I'm a little worried!