Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fathers Day Find

     Father's Day is coming up and yesterday I found the perfect card. It's no surprise I'm an etsy fan. Remember this post? Well it's happened again. I found something I had to have.  Enter the beautiful shop of Wit and Whistle

     I know the fam. will get a kick out of it, especially because we have an on going joke that goes something like this...

For yeeeears and yeeeears I'd ask my parents who they loved more, It was incomprehensible to me that like they always said, they loved my sister and I equal. I even took it so far as to state that I know you've loved me longer, since of course, I'm older. Once I told them (at age 4) that the years before my sissy arrived were the "best four years of my life".  It's okay though I can proudly say that today 17 years after her arrival I've accepted her as part of our family. Just kidding, I accepted the fact that she was staying somewhere around year 10. Needless to say I love my sis and my whole family for that matter.  

     Now I just need to pick out a gift. What are you getting your dads? Golf clubs? Grilling things? Boy toys? Spill.

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  1. They are, they are, they are together!,,20500064,00.html

    check ittt!
    crazy right? I love them together SO much.