Thursday, June 16, 2011

This is Not a Moist Towelette

     It's nearly midnight of course now is not only the correct time to be searching and drooling over beach towels but blogging about it as well. Okay in a dream world I'd stock the pool house/cabana (dream world, remember?) full of these Hermes beauties.

Exhibit 1.

     Unfortunately this is not my fantasy world and there is no rationalizing a $530 ( yes, you read that right. 5 100 dollar bills + 3 10 dollar bills) beach towel. None what so ever. I've tried thinking of a million excuses. I live in Florida, I'll use it a lot. Nope.  I have however convinced myself that a $65 beach towel is far more posable and yet still a luxury.  Because we all know Targets got plenty of towels to take home for $12.99. Behold my newest obsession.

Exhibit 2.
     These Chance Co. towels are too fun, seriously, who doesn't love a little printed attitude, RESERVED. How's that for a message? and SPF 10,000? Really, I'm in love with a beach towel, and because I had to know, La Piscine means the pool... in french, how chic.  Yep, you sure did guess it, La Plage means the beach in french, things just sound infinitely cooler in french. And now that it is well past midnight I am off to sleep. This post originated after seeing this on matchbook. I couldn't stop looking at the pictures. P.S good thing I looked over the original post, we almost just had two posts on the same subject with the same title. no bueno. Is there anything you're coveting this summer? Towels? A Panama hat? New swimsuits? Tell me and tell me all of it. 

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